Armed Violence Reduction and Counter-Proliferation
Armed Violence Reduction

Explosive Capabilities have extensive practical experience of the development and implementation of effective armed violence reduction strategies and interventions in a wide range of developing and post-conflict countries. Indeed our staff have been instrumental in pioneering many of the approaches; including 1) development of safer community plans; 2) development of national strategies and policies; 3) project development at the regional, national and local levels; and 4) effective and practical interventions on the ground.


Explosive Capabilities can advise on counter-proliferation strategies and activities to reduce leakage from, and hence ensure the security of ammunition, explosive and weapon stockpiles.

Explosive Capabilities have also developed the Arms Transfer and Profiling Indicators System (ATPIS) in partnership with the European Tracking Initiative (ETI). ATPIS has been developed to assist the process of arms trafficking and transfer analysis, by identifying those with a potentially high risk of been 'Grey or Black Market' transfers.

The ATPIS process comprises a data set, based on past evidence of known illegal shipment routes, techniques and trends, which will be updated on a regular basis. Each individual item within the data set has been allocated a risk factor, again based on trends, evidence and experience. These risk factors are kept under constant review. Training is available on the ATPIS system and effective counter-proliferation processes.

Explosive Capabilities and ETI also offer the option of Due Diligence research. The ATPIS support team can conduct individual and group due diligence analysis of air cargo operators, transport providers and freight-forwarding entities. ATPIS analysis can identify previous network or asset linkages to clandestine deliveries and provides qualitative risk analysis of any potential current involvement.

Due diligence analysis can be conducted on behalf of international organizations, governments and commercial businesses. This analysis ensures or confirms that potential contractors adhere to the appropriate aviation or maritime standards and assesses any previous or current association or involvement in clandestine network activities.