Monday, 20 November 2017

Safety Cases

Example Safety Case

Hydro Abrasive Cutting in Hazardous Environments

We are one of Europe's leading experts in the science, safety and technology of hydro abrasive cutting of explosives and in hazardous environments. Contact us by E-Mail for an executive summary of the technology that is revolutionising EOD and cold cutting in commercial industry. Full safety cases can be prepared to HSE standards to support the use of this technology in your business or organization.

Safety cases are directly related to the Risk Assessment and Analysis aspects of Explosive Capabilities work. A safety case should start by evaluating the probable severity of an explosive accident and the chances of people being injured. The final product should then advise on technical solutions and procedures that will minimise these severities and chances of injury.

Explosive Capabilities will assess, estimate and evaluate explosion impacts, risks and hazards based on valid, published scientific references. Their technical solutions and procedures are then based on proven explosive engineering technology and safety systems. Recommendations will always comply with the principle of 'As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)'.