Risk Assessment and Analysis

Explosive Capabilities provide a range of Risk Assessment and Analysis services, to the highest international standards, in order to improve safety in the local environment, reduce the risks of death or injury, identify and protect against hazards and reduce damage to physical assets, thereby improving business continuity.

Consequence Analysis (Explosion)

Explosion Consequence Analysis is a growing methodology, using the science of explosive behaviour and target vulnerabilities, in order to predict the consequential effects of an explosion. Explosive Capabilities can use this methodology to ensure physical safety, comply with national legislation and ensure operational continuity for a company or organization.

Risk, Hazard and Safety Analysis

Explosive Capabilities Ltd provides the full range of traditional qualitative and quantitative risk analysis methods. These include the use of Quantity Distances and ensuring compliance with national legislation.

Land Remediation Consultancy (UK)

The Environment Act of 1995 undermines the principle of 'caveat emptor'. Section 57 of the act relates to contaminated land, and when it took effect in 1996 it was inserted into the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This places a duty on local authorities to identify contaminated land. Once this land has been identified, a remediation notice will be placed on the owners, or those who permitted the contamination. This can place companies in a position of potential liability for large areas of real estate. Explosive Capabilities specialises in advising clients on the techniques, technology and quality assurance for the clearance of explosively contaminated land.

Blast and Ballistic Protection

There are a range of technical and procedural solutions that can mitigate against the impact and effects of blast and ballistic attack against structures, and hence improve safety and protection. Application of appropriate protective measures can assist governments and commercial entities to avoid casualties, protect infrastructure and maintain operational capability post-attack. Effective and appropriate protection measures and systems can also have financial benefits in terms of reduced insurance premiums.

Explosive Capabilities services in this area, which includes support to post-conflict and counter-terrorist programmes, include:
  • Analytical evaluation of blast and ballistic loading levels using a range of simulation models, including BLASTX, CONWEP and bespoke software
  • Technical advice and support for blast mitigation programmes, including initial structural design, retrofit material options and operational procedures to reduce vulnerability and improve safety
  • Technical assessments of risks posed by unstable ammunition stockpiles close to inhabited areas
  • Technical advice and assistance in the development of effective and expedient field storage techniques to reduce risk in post-conflict environments