Why use Explosive Capabilities
  • An independent analysis of a problem is required
  • An expedient and cost effective technical or project management solution is required
  • Innovative approaches, but to international 'best practices' are required
  • Indigenous capabilities may be insufficient and local capability requires enhancement
  • External technical support is essential.
  • Client confidentiality is assured
  • Local sensitivities are protected
  • There is a need to fully comply with explosive and environmental legislative requirements

Explosive Capabilities is unique in its field. We have rivals, but they cannot offer our range of capabilities across the entire conflict spectrum from explosive ordnance disposal during conflict, through operational disarmament immediately post conflict, to SSR and explosive engineering in non-conflict environments. We have credible operational and practical project experience, at senior levels, across the whole range.

These capabilities will be delivered through our accurate and effective operational analysis; whether it be for example; 1) the impact of armed violence; 2) security sector reform requirements; or 3) EOD capability development or safety case development. The quality and calibre of our consultants combined with continuous product development assures our ability to deliver quality product to the most prestigious international client organisations. Explosive Capabilities defines new standards in the delivery of innovative methodologies to support sustainable development or business processes.

Explosive Capabilities fully understands that, in order to meet clients' needs, there is often a requirement to deploy to remote, non-permissive or hostile environments. All our consultants have operational experience in high-risk or threat areas. Continuation training and validation ensures that professional and technical standards are continually improved or maintained.